May 6, 2017: 

I was a featured guest on the Geek Envy podcast for Episode 7 of their show. We discussed lots of current gaming events like our thoughts on the Nintendo 2DS, Little Nightmares, Persona 5, the Tribeca Games Festival, and more. If you have a commute and want to hear our voices for an hour – tune in, and I hope you enjoy! Thanks for having me guys!

You can follow them on Twitter @meandthestereo  and on Soundcloud on the Geek Envy channel!

March 29, 2017: 

Enjoy the “mini-podcast” extra that came about as having just too much to talk about to contain to a single chat log! I expand on topics discussed in my interview with indie developer Tariq Mukhttar of Happiest Dark Corner Games, creator of the upcoming A Cat’s Manor. Enjoy the entire interview here.

March 2, 2017: 

Written/Hosted/Edited By: Erika Haase
Video Featuring: James Therrien (James Primate) & Joar Jakobsson

In this 45 minute long, pod-cast style interview, which felt far more like meeting new friends over digital coffee, I got the chance to speak with James and Joar about the entire process from start to finish, leaving no stone unturned in what is possibly the most comprehensive interview about Rain World currently in existence. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about where this project came from and where it’s headed.

For interview highlights & a great collection of GIFs, art, and trailers check out the article!

February 11, 2017: 

Our first video interview with the lovely body painter Caitlin St.Angelo as we discuss incorporating body art into cosplay, PREY, Dishonored 2, and more!

Written By: Erika Haase
Video Featuring: Erika Haase & Caitlin St. Angelo
Video Edited By: David Haase

January 2017:

As I work through some technical difficulties and learning curves, I wanted to stop in and let everyone know that video features will in fact be coming. To prove it, I have some very rare, behind-the-scenes, video test footage as we prep the area where I hope to spout infinite amounts of wisdom. This will in no way affect my credibility in the future as I attempt to be taken seriously by anyone at all.

I take absolutely no responsibility for the horrendous Christopher Walken impression by the cameraman or comments from the unseen peanut gallery.

This is a very professional operation

For updates, please follow along on Twitter at @He110Ne0



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