Guest Authors

Patrick Kitzie – Often described by his wife as a “grumpy Kitsune,” this life-long gamer loves titles that stray off the beaten path, has an unhealthy addiction to Titanfall collectibles, quit smoking cold turkey by playing Devil May Cry on hard to outrun the cravings, and is known for having a sense of humor that “takes everything to 11” according to the people who know him. His first article with us is fittingly about the twisted worlds created by Yoko Taro, and the history of the Drakengard universe.

You can follow Patrick on Twitter: @kitzkommando

Marissa Chovan – A lovable pixie creature made of kindness and excitement over gaming and cosplay, you can find her in line to donate one of her magical internal organs to get a new Professor Layton or Ace Attorney game. If she’s not playing Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, than she’s probably complaining on Twitter about not playing Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Her first article with us was her impression of a whirlwind day at her very first PAXEast convention and we certainly hope she joins us again.

You can follow Marissa on Twitter: @Rissake or click the link to read more of her blogging.

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