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Erika Haase – Founder of /BCG.  

I’m founder and content creator Erika Haase. I’m made up of a collection of video games, nerdy references, innumerable pieces of SWAG I refuse to part with, a penchant for writing, sugar, caffeine, and apparently some internal organs that keep me alive. Eventually those things combined to make me feel compelled to have my own spot on the Internet and I’m building it up to include, hopefully, the best discussions and opinions I can find.

The name of my site, Big Cheshire Grin, refers to the famous cat himself. That smile always means the cat knows something you haven’t quite figured out yet. Put into a feeling, I think we all have a BCG moment in our favorite hobbies. One where we solve a plot twist before anyone else, get through an intricate video game puzzle with no walkthrough, or finally figure out how to get a difficult piece of tech to do its job properly. That grin of self satisfaction and pride is priceless.

I named my site after it because we all need more of those moments. I’d like to share as many as I can find, bits of media to make you smile, and hopefully encourage dialogue about the things you’ve experienced that helped make you have a few “BCG moments” of your very own.

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